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GRAS healthcare is not only about products. We are special portal where we deal with parasitic and tick-borne diseases, we educate and prevent.

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DualDur examination

The most modern and effective examination for Lyme disease

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Get it over with!

Perfect product for school, kindergarden, at a sports camp, summer camps – everywhere, where your family and pets are exposed to contact with lice, mosquitoes and tics.

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"Nie dam się kleszczom"

"Nie dam się kleszczom" is a book about ticks and tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease. The aim of this book is, above all, to promote methods of prevention and prophylaxis. Thanks to it, You can implement the proposals of the authors of Wojciech Ozimek and Montserrat Gras, who try to select and systematize the available knowledge, and also You will find answers to many questions on this subject.

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Montse Gras

CEO, Gras Healthcare Clinical Services & Research

Owner and CEO. Catalan living in Warsaw, associated with the medical industry for 25 years. Passionate about a healthy and active lifestyle. Since 2016, he has been developing GRAS Healthcare, wanting to instil her sports talent in people in the fight for health.

A few words from the CEO

Our products are a combination of knowledge, experience and passion.

I created Gras Healthcare for  people looking for reliable information on the prevention and treatment of civilization diseases and those transmitted by parasites, especially: Lyme disease, tick-borne diseases and parasitic diseases of various origins. GRAS Healthcare is a guide created by doctors and specialists, and also the selection of proven products we recommend to support the treatment of autoimmune and parasitic diseases. Enjoy life anywhere, anytime!

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