• Medical by Gras changes into Gras Healthcare
    Rebranding Medical by Gras changes into Gras Healthcare

    New identification, new name, new challenges!

    We give you a portal which is the result of many months of work of the Gras Healthcare team as well as doctors and specialists in parasitic diseases. The new website combines the function of a guide and a shop, so that you can enjoy health in every place and at any moment! Thank you for staying with us.

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    Discover the fascinating truth about parasites and regain health!
    Book by Dr Wojciech Ozimek

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  • The latest PA & PA accessory series is an effective barrier against lice, mosquitoes and ticks.
    Keep it off your mind The latest PA & PA accessory series is an effective barrier against lice, mosquitoes and ticks.

    The product is ideal for school, kindergarten, sports camps, summer camps - wherever your family and pets are exposed to lice, mosquitoes and ticks.

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A few words from the CEO

Our products are a combination of knowledge, experience and passion

I created Gras Healthcare for people looking for reliable information on the prevention and treatment methods of civilization diseases and those transmitted by parasites, especially Lyme disease, tick-borne and parasitic diseases of various origins. GRAS Healthcare is a guide created by doctors and specialists and a selection of proven products that support the treatment of autoimmune and parasitic diseases recommended by us. Enjoy life anywhere, anytime!

Montse Gras, CEO Gras

Owner and CEO of Gras Healthcare. A Catalan living in Warsaw, connected for 25 years with the medical industry. Passionate about a healthy and active lifestyle. Since 2016, he has been developing GRAS Healthcare, wanting his sports talent to instill people in the fight for health.

Our mission

Keep it out of mind. Enjoy life!

GRAS Heathcare provides you with specialized products that will protect your beloved ones (including pets) from ticks, mosquitoes, lice, bedbugs as well as from dust and smog allergies. In every situation and in every place in the world: at the lake, in the woods, in the meadow, in the mountains and in the tropics - enjoy life without fear of dangerous diseases. Here you can find advice and tips from doctors and specialists and a wide range of accessories that will help you choose the best solutions to your problem.

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