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    Now you can. Make diagnostic tests without leaving home!


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    You can find a wide selection of certified masks! We offer various designs and sizes dedicated to women, men and children. Welcome!

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    "Bac-Pure" clothing has the UNE 0065 certificate, which proves a filtration and protection above 90%

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    anti-tick clothing We are the only distributor of Spanish anti-tick clothing. The products are also effective against mosquitoes and other insects. In addition, caps, blankets, leggings, elastic bands and hair bands were created especially at our request. The action is confirmed by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute certificate and the video in the "GRAS guide" - "How do we protect our products?

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    Our accessories will make you never again be afraid of mosquitoes, ticks, lice, fleas and other insects!

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    Publications issued by our publishing house.

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    In our offer you will find the highest quality probiotics that will complement the natural bacterial flora of the digestive system, improve the functioning of the immune system and help to keep the body in good condition.

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    Everyday diet often does not cover the need for vitamins and minerals necessary for health. Choose concentrated and easily digestible supplements and enjoy fully your life.

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