Laboratory parasitic test

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Indications for the examination:


Abdominal discomfort

Anal itching

Skin blemishes


Material: Perianal swab.



The test is performed by the Al-MED medical laboratory, which has certificates of Polish and international research quality control:


Central Center for Quality Research in Laboratory Diagnostics

International Quality Control Research LABQUALITY - Helsinki

INSTAND e.V. - Düsseldorf

StandLAB IQS - Integrated Research Quality System






The smear should be taken in the morning immediately after waking up, in the case of small children about 2 hours after falling asleep.



1. Take the sterile stick out of the test tube.


2. Using the tip of the cotton swab, carefully erase the folds around the anus.


3. Place the stick carefully into the test tube, without touching its edges.


4. Close the test tube tightly, sign with the name and surname, write down the date and time of collection.


5. Complete the form from the packaging and include it in the test package.


6. Send as soon as possible to the laboratory's address:



Al-Med Analytical and Bacteriological Laboratory

97-500 Radomsko

Ul. Przedborska 2




Made in Poland  


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Laboratory parasitic test

Laboratory parasitic test