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Together with the Ozimek Center, we have been dealing with parasites, ticks, and related diseases for many years. During this time, we had the opportunity to closely examine many products that can help us protect ourselves from them, as well as support the proper functioning of our body and the treatment of parasitic and tick-borne diseases, and above all, diagnose them correctly. In our offer, you will find proven products that we often use ourselves. We promote a holistic approach to the problem of parasitic and tick-borne diseases, therefore:
We collaborate with leading laboratories specializing in coproscopic (feces) and serological (for antibodies in blood serum) studies. We have developed a range of mail-order tests for, among others, parasites, pinworms, as well as blood tests, which you can take yourself from the fingertip, including for parasitic diseases and basic serological tests for Lyme disease.

Moreover, in our offer, you will find what we believe to be the best available test for Lyme disease and associated infections, namely the DualDur test.
As is well known, prevention is better than cure. This is no different in the case of Lyme disease or other tick-borne diseases. The best preventive method for these diseases is to avoid bites. Therefore, in our offer, you will find clothing and accessories impregnated with 100% safe for humans, odorless, and retaining its properties for up to 100 washes repellent Sanitized AM 23-24, which repels ticks, lice, and mosquitoes.
To function well, our body sometimes needs a bit of support, especially when it comes to immunity. That's why at Grascare.com, you will also find supplements, probiotics, and hemp oils, whose effectiveness has been confirmed by specialists and doctors, as well as ourselves. They are excellent for both prevention and treatment support.
Given that our mission is to educate patients about tick-borne and parasitic diseases, we also engage in publishing books and articles. Our most popular publications include: "Get rid of parasites" and "I Won’t Let Ticks Get Me."

We also organize training sessions, workshops, and lectures that cover the topics of diseases caused by parasites, recognizing their symptoms, and treatment, with a key focus on health prevention.

Clinical Research and Publications We are constantly learning and deepening our knowledge. Therefore, we conduct clinical research in Poland and around the world in areas related to diagnostics, prevention, and treatment of diseases caused by parasites, especially Lyme disease. All this is to be able to offer you the most effective advice and products.

Examples of our scientific publications can be found in the PUBLICATIONS tab.

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