Pompka ssąca na ukąszenia Aspivenin
Pompka ssąca na ukąszenia Aspivenin
Pompka ssąca na ukąszenia Aspivenin
Pompka ssąca na ukąszenia Aspivenin

ASPIVENIN - Mini-pump to suck the poison from the bites of ticks, spiders or insects

The Aspivenin suction mini-pump helps to remove venom, toxins and stings from bites, in a fast and self-reliant way. In a painless and non-invasive manner, the suction pump removes the venom and toxins remaining in the body after the bites of: ticks, wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, ants, bees and spiders. A MUST-HAVE in every home family’s first aid kit, on excursions and outings in nature.

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A unique product. Indispensable in every first aid kit. It helps to remove venoms, toxins and stings. It can be used unaided, several times, on the place of the bite.

This suction pump eliminates venoms and toxins in a painless and non-invasive manner. Using the device for 1 minute protects you from the consequences of dangerous bites, such as wasp, hornet, mosquito, ant, bee or spider bites. Applying the pump for three minutes can prevent the consequences of bites caused by: poisonous fish, exotic spiders (like tarantulas), vipers or scorpions.

The pump works by creating a negative pressure at the site of the bite. This results in the cessation of blood circulation in the local capillary network, and the pump, apart from the primary toxin suction function, simultaneously removes the pain and prevents the further spread of harmful micro-organisms in the body. The ASPIVENIN pump is safe to use and acts as a tourniquet. It does not cause any adverse effects during long-term use, while awaiting medical help in the more serious cases.


After removing the tick (for example using tick twister hooks, available in our shop), it is necessary to protect the wound and the so-called “pool”, sucking the tick’s poison with the ASPIVENIN suction pump.

What is the pool? The tick cuts the skin of the host with its chelicerae (mouthparts) and inserts its hypostome: a barbed attachment structure associated with the tick’s mouthparts. This way, the tick inoculates anaesthetic substances in the body and the host does not feel pain. A small pool appears in the place of the bite. The tick inoculates substances in the pool that counteract the blood’s clotting. This way, it can feed from the pool instead of wasting energy sucking higher-pressure blood from the bloodstream vessels. Apart from anaesthetic substances, cementing substances that bind the hypostome to the skin and blood-thinners, we can find other substances in the tick’s saliva that affect the immune system, inhibiting its function and allowing micro-organisms to easily enter the host’s body. Ticks release all these substances to the pool. Even after removing the tick, these toxic substances can remain in the pool. Using the pump, we help our body to get rid of the toxic substances in the pool.

The ASPIVENIN® device has been tested and received very positive reviews and notes from the world's 10+ leading research institutes, including the Pasteur Institute in Paris and the Rocky Poison Center at the University of Colorado in Denver. It has a TÜV certificate. ASPIVENIN® has been recognized as the only effective device of this type by the most prestigious medical publications in the world, among others: Merck's Manual, Conn's Therapy, Poisondex, and Encyclopaedia Britannica. Its common use was recommended by the American Red Cross and the Board of Forests and Natural Resources (USA).

ASPIVENIN® has received many awards and distinctions, among others:

  • Gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions and New Technologies in Geneva
  • Silver Medal at the International Exhibition in Vienna
  • Gold Medal at the Lepiné Competition in Paris
  • Gold Medal and the Belgian Prime Minister's Award at the World Inventions Exhibition in Brussels.


The use of ASPIVENIN® has become a common first aid practice in all continents. More than 4 million people in the world are using it. An example of its usefulness is the fact that during clinical trials in Rio Morona, Amazonia, from February to October 1994, it was used in 301 cases of scorpion, tropical spider, viper and snake bites. A high or very high effectiveness was confirmed in 97% cases.


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