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"I won't let ticks get me" W. Ozimek,...

"I won't let ticks get me" W. Ozimek, M.Gras (polish language version)

The book, which in a substantive and accessible manner, discusses ticks, their role in the ecosystem, and the diseases transmitted by them - especially Lyme disease, the prevalence of which is constantly increasing in Poland and worldwide. The authors of the book have provided numerous tips, the implementation of which will help you protect yourself from tick bites. You will also learn from it what to do when bitten, what tests to undergo for the presence of Lyme disease, and what actions to take to support treatment.

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For most people, the topic of ticks is something like "somewhere there," "somehow," it rings a bell, but they don't really know "which church." Later, after a tick bite, there is often "crying and gnashing of teeth," desperate searches "online," and hysterical reading with dramatic attempts at sensible analysis of various forums, blogs, support groups, books, etc., dealing with how to treat Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases...

It's a challenge for anyone to sensibly sift the wheat from the chaff in this matter. That's why the authors have made a timid attempt at selection and humble systematization of the available knowledge on this subject.

But the primary goal of this book is to promote preventive methods to prevent tick bites and to advocate for rational behavior after a potential tick bite. Considering the scale of tick-borne diseases, knowledge of this topic is now elevated to the level of a moral duty...

In the book, you will find answers to many questions you would like to ask, and even those you don't yet know you would like to or should ask.

However, don't buy this book if you are certain that "you can read all of this everywhere," that you are fully prepared for a tick attack, convinced that tick-borne diseases (including Lyme disease) are easily treatable, that pilgrimages to various specialists and spending thousands of złotys on potential diagnostics and symptomatic, not causative, treatment of Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases and their potential complications are comparable to the price of this book.

We believe, though, that you will buy this book, read it, and above all, implement our recommendations because, as you probably know, knowing the way and walking it are two entirely different things.


Title: "Nie dam się kleszczom"
Author: Wojciech Ozimek, Montserrat Gras Graupera
Publishing house: Gras Clinical Services & Research
Book language: Polish
Original language: Polish
Number of pages: 442
Edition number: I
Year: 2021
Format Book
Cover Paperback
Height [mm]: 210
Depth [mm]: 30
Width [mm]: 148

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