Tick Twister ClipBox tweezers
Kleszczołapki Tick Twister ClipBox
Kleszczołapki Tick Twister ClipBox

Tick Twister ClipBox tweezers

Tools for safe and painless tick removal. In a convenient package that you can attach to your keys or backpack. Reusable product. Contains 2 tick removers of different sizes.

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A set of 2 tools for safe and painless tick removal. Conveniently packaged, which you can attach to your keys or backpack. Multi-use product.

Contains 2 tick removers of different sizes:

  • Small – for hard-to-reach ticks (e.g., behind the ear)
  • Large – for large ticks

How to safely remove a tick?

  1. Take a deep breath. Don't show fear.
  2. And now:
    1. Wash your hands with antibacterial gel or soap
    2. Disinfect the area where the tick is located
    3. Insert the teeth of the hook between the skin and the tick so that the tick remover is as close to the skin as possible
    4. Turn the tick remover 2-3 times by 360 degrees, making sure that the tick is between the teeth of the tick remover. The direction of rotation does not matter.
    5. Make sure the tick has been completely removed
    6. Disinfect the area after the tick
    7. Disinfect the tick remover (e.g., by boiling in water)

Remember never to:

  • pull/cut/scrape the tick (risk of leaving a fragment of the tick in the skin)!
  • squeeze the tick (risk of intestinal content reflux or introduction of tick saliva into the host's body)!
  • smear the tick with fat or alcohol (as above)!

The only safe way to get rid of a tick is to use a Tick Remover or seek medical help.

Unbreakable hooks made of polymer resin

The set includes tools:

  • small
  • large

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