Pompka ssąca na ukąszenia Aspivenin
Pompka ssąca na ukąszenia Aspivenin
Pompka ssąca na ukąszenia Aspivenin
Pompka ssąca na ukąszenia Aspivenin

ASPIVENIN - suction pump for venom after bites from ticks, insects, spiders

Helps remove venoms, toxins, and stings. For self-administration and repeated use at the site of the sting.

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Suction pump eliminates venom and toxins in a painless and non-invasive way.

Using the device for one minute will protect you from the dangerous consequences of bites, including wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, ants, bees, and household spiders.

Using the pump for three minutes can prevent the consequences of bites from venomous fish, exotic spiders (e.g., tarantulas), snakes, and scorpions.

The pump works by creating negative pressure at the bite site. This stops the circulation of blood in the local capillary network, and besides its primary function of sucking out toxins, the pump also removes pain and prevents further spread of harmful microorganisms in the body.

ASPIVENIN pump is safe to use and functions as a pressure bandage. However, it does not cause any negative effects during prolonged use, while waiting for medical assistance in more serious cases.


After removing the tick (e.g., with tick tweezers), it is necessary to protect the wound and the so-called ""lake"" by sucking out the tick's venom with the ASPIVENIN suction pump.

What is the ""lake""? The tick cuts the host's skin with its chelicerae and introduces the so-called hypostome, the tip of its upper body part, into the wound. In this way, the tick introduces anesthetic substances into the host's body, so the host does not feel pain. A ""lake"" is formed at the site of the bite. The tick introduces substances there that prevent blood clotting, allowing it to feed on blood from the ""standing lake"" instead of wasting energy on sucking blood under higher pressure from the ""rushing stream,"" i.e., the blood vessel.

In the tick's saliva, there are also substances that affect the immune system, inhibiting its function and allowing microorganisms to penetrate the host's body without problems. The tick introduces all of this into the ""lake."" Even after removing the tick, toxic substances can remain in the ""lake."" By using the pump, we help the body get rid of toxic substances from the ""lake.""

The ASPIVENIN® device has been tested and received very positive ratings from several leading scientific institutes worldwide, including the Pasteur Institute in Paris and the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center at the University of Colorado in Denver.

It has TÜV certification.

ASPIVENIN® has been recognized as the only effective device of its kind by the most prestigious medical publications in the world, including Merck's Manual, Conn's Therapy, Poisondex, Encyclopaedia Britannica, and its widespread use has been recommended by the American Red Cross and the United States Forest Service.

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