Zap – It ulga po ukąszeniu

Zap – It instant relief after a bite

ZAP-IT is a small, pocket-sized device that immediately alleviates itching and swelling after insect bites: mosquitoes, gnats, bees, as well as, for example, after contact with nettles or jellyfish.

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ZAP-IT is safe, small, easy to use, chemical-free, and allergy-free.

ZAP-IT does not require batteries, has no expiration date. It helps with up to 1000 stings. Especially useful for children and anyone who reacts allergically to insect stings, as well as those who do not tolerate the use of insect repellents!

How to use

  1. Hold ZAP-IT between two fingers, with your thumb on the button.
  2. Place ZAP-IT directly on the sting site, touching the skin.
  3. Press the button quickly 5 times or more using your thumb.

ZAP-IT creates a harmless static charge, which feels like a small pinch.

The electrical voltage inhibits the release of histamine by the body, which causes itching. The most effective is to click 5x around the sting site and 2x directly at the center of the sting.

Helps with up to 1000 bites.

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