Strawberry flavored liquid Stevia 50 ml

Strawberry flavored liquid Stevia 50 ml

Stevia Liquid stawberry flavor 50 ml

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Stevia: Natural Dietary Supplement

Stevia is a natural, sweet, and calorie-free substitute for sugar. It is suitable for sweetening foods, liquids, and semi-liquids. The product is safe for diabetics. Theoretically, it is only a natural sweetening substance and an excellent sugar substitute. In practice, it's a supplement and even a medicine.

Stevia is a plant from South America. It has many interesting properties. It helps restore the proper level of sugar in the blood, supports weight loss, and has anti-cancer properties. Residents of Japan and South America have been using it for centuries as a plant-based sweetener that does not increase blood sugar levels and as a remedy for various ailments.

Additional Information:

Package size 50 ml, 3-4 drops of the product correspond to 1 sugar cube, 3 drops of the product contain (0.27 kcal). The product does not have a bitter taste. It is suitable for sweetening beverages, juices, desserts, salads, etc.

Recent studies conducted at the University of New Haven have opened the eyes of the medical world to new possibilities of stevia. Liquid extract from stevia leaves extracted with alcohol shows stronger bactericidal properties against Borrelia bacteria than many antibiotics commonly used in the treatment of Lyme disease (e.g., doxycycline, cefoperazone, daptomycin), and even their combinations.

Multi-center studies on supporting the treatment of Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases with plant-based preparations have confirmed the high effectiveness of stevia, especially against Lyme disease. Stevia works on all morphological forms of Borrelia bacteria, but it must be liquid stevia (not in powder form) obtained by alcohol extraction and stabilized with glycerol.

In-depth studies have confirmed that in the case of tick-borne diseases, stevia is more effective when taken sublingually. This is because the active substances released from stevia penetrate through the mucous membrane of the oral cavity directly into the sublingual vessels and the bloodstream. This allows avoiding the potential influence of digestive juices on the preparation, the potential irritating effects of stevia on the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, and the occurrence of the so-called first-pass effect through the liver, which can significantly reduce the effectiveness of some preparations.

We therefore suggest placing (as recommended by the doctor) a dose of stevia under the tongue, at the bottom of the oral cavity, then waiting until the amount of saliva produced forces us to swallow, and only then swallow.


  • water
  • glycerin
  • vitamin C
  • steviol glycosides
  • natural flavor - strawberry
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